Today is a good day....
TOOL tickets on sale this friday!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Looks like Im going to have to dip into the money ive been saving for a computer AGAIN dammit. (the last time being yesterday when I saw a rather nice expensive shirt...) They are gigging on Jan 31, anyone know if there are Perth dates or anything? Im being selfish and hoping not because that means Kyza & Co will have to come to Melbourne to see it and thus visit me in the process. :P

I have a feeling I am going to get bored this weekend, so Im going to do the going to the gig thing alone thing again. How bad was that sentence!

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"Youre not married, you dont have a girlfriend, you live alone and youve never watched Star Trek?..................................Good Lord!"

I love Extras. Can't wait till the next season, supposedly they have an episode with Daniel Radcliffe & David Bowie?

Thank you all for your song suggestions, It may take me awhile to get through all of them but heck, I have until february to find songs anyway.

My favourite suggestion was Rickys 'Tenacious D's 'fuck her gently'.

Loving you is easy cos youre beautiful
Im making a mix cd of soppy love songs for my friend who is getting married because she needs some ideas for wedding songs etc...

Thing is, after going through most of my stuff i have realised its all quite miserable, more suited to a funeral or a break up. So does anyone have any suggestions of good lovesongs? Preferably nothing by the Whitney/Celine/Mariah camp pulease.

The only ones I can think of are ones by George/Bic Runga/Air/Sarah Blasko... Then theres like maps or jeff buckley songs or wilco songs or pj harvey songs but they are all far too TRAGIC dont you think?

And she is a bit mainstream/musically inept so some stuff might be pushing it. Like, even the cure is probably pushing it.

Sadly the best thing Ive come up with is Des'rees 'Kissing you' hahahahaa.

Da da da dum
So after a couple of months of my heart slowly breaking, Cassie finally asked me to be her bridesmaid. YAY!

Which will mean I will only come back for Christmas for a week, and then stay in perth for 2-3 weeks over the wedding which is in February sometime. Hopefully this could also fit into BDO time.....

From now on, I am going to be the incredibly broke woman as I have to save like crazy to be able to afford both the trips plus a computer plus xmas presents plus not working for all that time (I doubt my a/l will cover all of it).

Having said that, I am already quite broke. On Saturday I went to the Blackman 'Alice in Wonderland' exhibition, my course & a MIFF film (edmond) with Marlo (Yes Vicki! YOUR Marlo! :P) Then we went to Spleen for some beer and I could only afford ONE beer. Seriously. That is the most tragic thing ever. Luckily I had more money at home but that doesnt exactly help when Im in a bar and cant get to iiiiiit.

Things that Im looking forward to; 
-The Vines @ Corner hotel
-The day I save up enough money for a computer that I can actually spend on a computer and not some urgent expenditure such as bridesmaids dresses that I have not calculated into my budget. AHHH

Jeanie dawg. Im meeting Jason this Saturday. You need to move over here. CARN.

Darkon :O

Darkon is the best documentary EVER.

Watch it purely for the 10 minute segment of the 7yr old kid flipping out with a sword.

Before the show they were handing out leaflets to this:

Im totally going to go.

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I went along to the free discussion held at the Forum and although I was 40 minutes early the whole venue was packed and I had to wait for half an hour to squeeze in. Luckily I got a booth positioned directly in the middle so I was rather pleased with myself and looking forward to it all as were the other hundreds of people.

Then this complete fag-tosspot-loser-retard-idiot-braindeadnong comes out and he is the guy interviewing Spike. He asks questions like;
Retard: "So, uh, yeah, Sabotage inspired me to become a director, it was really awesome." (waits for answer to non-existant question)
Spike: "yeah ok"
Retard: "Um, cooool. Yeah, so, how was working on Adaptation? Did you like that and stuff?"
Spike: "uh, yeah?"

Meanwhile the entire audience is groaning after each question, looking at each other in bewilderment, slapping their foreheads, and squirming with pain.

Finally the audience got to ask questions and they actually knew stuff Spike had done and asked interesting questions.

I wanted to ask him to show us some moves from Praise you but I doubt that would have gone down well...

If I was him I would be traumatised from the experience and never do an interview ever again.

In other news I almost knocked out Geoffrey Rush unbeknownst to me, and tonight I am going to watch Darkon which is about dudes that meet up and role-play medieval battles in fields.


PS. The flies on Australian Idol were awesome. Yes, I did watch the show, and yes, I have never laughed so hard in my life. Especially when the dude singing choked on the fly.

Me? Bored?
So yesterday Ricky was asking me if I had gotten bored of Melbourne and if I was ready to move back to Perth. The reality is its hard for me to get bored over here, and Perth now seems like such a smaller place. I dont usually go over what I do on my LJ but I think Ill give an overview of my last two or so weeks/weekends so you know what Im talking about;

July 18 - Yeah Yeah Yeah's @ the Forum
July 19 - Pizza @ Bimbos with Perthies & Drinks in the City Bars
July 20 - 161 Prahan to watch Wednesday Society & drinks in Fitzroy after
July 21 - Day off work to recover, Rob Roy to watch Wed Soc & drinks in Fitzroy & @ Pony
July 22 - Spent day in bed shaking from too much alcohol & walking around in the cold
July 23 - TV on the Radio @ Hi-Fi
July 27 - Watched MIFF screening of Sticky Carpet with Jon & watch Dead Frenchmen @ Pony bar
July 28 - Went to Independent Comic Convention @ Monash Caulfield & Illustration course @ CAE later in the day
July 29 - Camberwell Trash & Treasure markets to pick up some junk.

And then tomorrow I have to go to a housewarming in the suburbs :(
But on Saturday I get to go to;
-Picasso Exhibition,
-my Illustration course
-Art Fair at the Royal Exhibition Building
-A free MIFF Directors talk with Spike Jonze
(if I can fit it all in..)

If I was in Perth the last two weeks would have consisted of the Amplifier.

In conclusion, I love Melbourne. I even bumped into John So the other day, but I was too scared to yell 'John So - You my BRO!'

Now, I got drawn to get the early subscriber Falls Festival tickets, should I get some? The only drawcard for me at the moment is Modest Mouse. And they will probably do a sideshow....

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In Beat today;

Will the Australian version of V Festival have


and Ben Harper? The bill is being announced this week.


Im so Ronery
Err.. Is anyone going to TV on the Radio?

or..or..or the Eels?

They played Maps *cries*

Also, how damn happy did she look! Le Sigh.


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